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The specialist SEAWEED PRODUCTS company that are situated in the Limestone Coast area of South Australian.

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Australian Kelp Products Pty Ltd. (AKP) is a specialist seaweed products company that is situated in the Limestone Coast area of South Australian, where the Great Southern Ocean casts up many hundreds of thousands of tonnes of all seaweed types to the beaches of this region.

This area delivers wide range of seaweed species are extremely rich in nature vitamins, minerals and trace elements to create a great range of quality seaweed products.

AKP is ready to serve many kinds of your seaweed products requirement. We are “The Expert of Seaweed”

About me

AKP products a range of seaweed products from:

SeaBiscuit StockAid granule for Livestock supplement including cattle, horses, sheep and pigs;

SOS Liquid Kelp for soil conditioning (NASAA Certification).

What I can do for you

Organic Farming Solutions

Seaweed Liquid, Seaweed Meals for Organic Farming Solutions.

Sodium Alginate

Sodium Alginate for Thickening Agent.

Seaweed Extract

Value add Seaweed Extract.

Seaweed Food

Seaweed Food.

You should also know…

Within 5 years plan, all these 5 branches products will partially or completely grant in local South Australia. Targeting market is whole Australian wide as well as global.

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