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Agar is a natural polysaccharide colloid extracted from red algae seaweed. It is structurally composed of (1-3) -β-D-galactose and (1-4) -3,6-endo-α-L-galactose Composed of chain polymer. Agar and carrageenan. Alginate is the most widely used three seaweed gum in the world. It has been widely used in many fields such as the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemicals, bioengineering, etc., mainly as candy, jelly, gelatinizes, and stabilizers such as canned meat, ham, and enemas; thickeners and stabilizers such as jam, peanut butter and sesame paste; stabilizers for cold foods such as ice cream and sorbet; And stabilizers; wine, soy sauce, vinegar and other clarifying agents. 

Agar used in food, can significantly improve the quality of food, improve food grade; plus its many obvious advantages, such as it is itself a marine natural polysaccharide material, rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, low in calories, with detoxification Beauty and hypoglycemic health effects, there are many health effects on the human body, such as lipid-lowering, bowel, detoxification and beauty skin care and so on, because of these much welcomed by people. In addition, agar is widely used as a bacterial culture medium and a microbial carrier in medicine, agriculture, and bioengineering.

Agarose can also be further made, which is a good medium for immunodiffusion and is widely used in clinical diagnosis, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology analysis, and research. Selection of high-quality seaweed, water chestnuts, seaweed, and other seaweed as raw material, combined with the selection of the production process and equipment, the production of gel strength from 500-1200g / cm2 of a variety of agar. Product purity, transparency, quality, stable, and reliability, are welcomed by the majority of users.

Main Applications:

  • Food industry:
    As gelatinizing and stabilizing agent used in candy, jelly, yojan, canned food, ham, and sausage; As thickening and stabilizing used in jam, peanut butter, sesame soy; As stabilizing agent used in ice cream, popsicle etc; As stage-deflocculant used in fruit juice and beverage. As clarifying agent used in wine, soy sauce, vinegar.
  • Pharmaceutical industry:
    Lowering blood lipid, the expulsion of toxin and beautifying the skin.
  • Bio-engineering:
    Bacterium culturing medium and microorganism carrier etc.

Product Standard