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Seaweed Specialties from the Heart of Limestone Coast

Australian Kelp Products

Australian Kelp Products Pty Ltd (AKP) was established in 1994. Since then, it has been dedicated to developing the seaweed processing industry in Australia. In 2013, AKP successfully completed a strategic collaboration with Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group (QGGOG), the largest seaweed multi-processing company in China. The new mission of the company is to develop Australian algae resources in a more efficient and high-value-added manner. The restructured AKP will focus on three areas of business: Organic Farming, Resource Development, and International Trading.

Organic Farming. AKP has combined its years of rich experience in processing Australian organic fertilizers with the latest global fertilizer extraction technologies. Through the mature marketing network shared with QGGOG, AKP is able to deliver its products globally. Its market is not limited to Australia but also includes overseas countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, and Brazil. With more than 1170 types of seaweed available in our licensed collection area, we can customize various specific fertilizers and livestock feeds to meet each customer’s demand. At the same time, we also act as agents for various foreign agricultural product brands to enrich our product line. We are making our utmost effort to contribute to the development and transformation of the Australian agricultural industry with our meticulous and considerate services.

Resource Development. AKP currently holds the only seaweed sustainable development license on the Australian mainland. After years of practice, we have proven that the collection methods and SOPs used by AKP are eco-friendly and sustainable. The algae we collect and process are not only made into organic fertilizer and feed but also become raw materials for industrial and medical products. Meanwhile, thanks to the company’s advantageous location, AKP has provided a lot of reasonable advice and support for the development of local aquaculture, agriculture, wine, tourism, etc.

International Trading. This is built upon our successful farming and resource development businesses. Our current imports are mainly focused on the agricultural sector, but in the next stage, we will introduce more quality products from the USA, Europe, Japan, and so on. For exports, we have delivered our seaweed products all over the world and are very happy to bring more amazing products, such as seafood, livestock, and wine, to the international market.

AKP is not only committed to providing the most professional solutions in the kelp field with passion and meticulous customer service but is also eager to become your sincere friend in both business and daily life. 

AKP SOS Liquid Kelp

The AKP SOS Liquid Kelp (SOS ® ) Liquid Kelp is produces from Nature Australian Durvillaea Potatorum (Bull Kelp) which contains a rich source of trace elements, mineral, alginic acid, amino acid and array of complex organic compounds.

AKP SeaBiscuit StockAid

The Sea Biscuits® StockAid is an innovative nutritional supplement specifically formulated for animals. Fortified with 100% organic seaweed powder to naturally deliver essential vitamins and minerals to maximize feed efficiency.