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Contact Details

Postal Address:PO Box 94 Plympton SA 5038
Production Address:30989 Princes Highway, Millicent, SA 5280

    Our Factory

    Our production facility is situated in Millicent, South Australia, it is centrally located and convenient to our harvesting areas. 

    The company has been manufacturing Liquid Kelp for over 10 years and has developed an effective liquefying process which is housed in factory one.

    The dehydration plant was established during 2005 in a purpose built factory which is located adjacent to the Liquid Kelp Factory. Fresh seaweed is inspected and sorted prior to commencing the dehydration process. The seaweed is then milled and graded into Seabiscuit Livestock Supplement or Seabiscuit Powder and Aquafeed Additive ready for packaging or further value adding into Seabiscuit.